Assassin’s Creed hits its mark

Assassin’s Creed 3, created by Ubisoft and released on Oct. 30, is one of the best in the stealth adventure series and is sure to steal the show this year.

The game is full of new features and has a wonderfully long storyline. Players can now enjoy open naval combat, hunting, tree climbing, and hanging enemies as well as the traditional horse riding, town managing, and assassinations.

The game starts out with a slow, hour long tutorial. This pace is partially due to the changes in the button layout. Even if you loved the old layout, the new one has made vast improvements that are easily grasped and do truly improve gameplay.

But as players delve deeper into the game they will discover the graphically sharp landscapes and the hours and hours of gameplay available to them. The game presents unique secondary objectives with increased difficulty for players who want that extra challenge.

The combat system received a needed overhaul. The old combat used to be a simple hold and click, but the new combat now requires players to use precise clicking, offensive and defensive strategies, and distancing tactics to vanquish opponents. Knowing when to lash out or parry can now mean life or death.

The variety of new weapons adds a new level of carnage to the game. The traditional hidden blades are back with their wonderful flourishing killing moves, but bows, guns, and trip mines have also been added. But the new star of the show is the rope dart.

This weapon is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Instead of simply throwing a knife or dart to instantly kill an enemy, the rope dart hooks into the enemy, allowing the player to “play with their food”. The most common finishing move is to jump from a tree while rope darting an enemy, effectively hanging him in the tree for all his friends to see.

Ubisoft has done a wonderful job of giving a quick overview of the previous games in the opening cinematic. Players who are new to the series will not feel lost and are likely to enjoy the game as much as someone who’s been playing the series since its conception.

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